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"Salted Wounds" Hurricane Sandy Project

"Salted Wounds" is a small, magazine or "zine" style book of photographs I've put together of pictures I took in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The size of the finished printed book will be 9" wide by 7" high. It is a soft cover book, and will come packaged in a comic-book style sleeve. It is also available as an ebook. Thanks to a very successful IndieGogo campaign, you can now order the book directly through my website…

Salted Wounds Hurricane Sandy Book Cover

I am honored to have the cover photo being featured in a show called "Rising Waters" on Governor's Island, in collaboration with the Museum of the City of New York, and the International Center of Photography. The show features photos from Hurricane Sandy and will run through the end of September.

Fishy is...

Zombie Ambience - Spread Your Undead - Spread Your Undead?
Is there anything more fishy (as in odd, but in a good way) than dressing up with your friends as zombies and taking some fun zombie photos? We think it's a good way to pass the time. If you do too, come on over to and share zombie photos of you and your friends who wish to spread your undead! You can also check out our Zombie Store, where we're selling custom-created zombie t-shirts along with some other cool zombie stuff.
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More about Fishy...

I bet you're thinking this isn't what you were looking for... Take a breather and have a look around, you might just find something interesting, or fun, or both!

Fishy can mean lots of different things to lots of different people. Ask someone into fishing and they'll talk endlessly about fishing gear, poles and tackle. Ask another about the fish in their tank, and they'll talk about their pet goldfish, the tropical fish they love to look at or that koi pond full of fish in their back yard. Take a peak at Your source for aquarium supplies and fish up to 60% off retail .

Then there's fishy as in strange, weird or odd. Zombies might be considered something a bit fishy. Monsters, ghosts, UFOs and anything in the paranormal world might seem a bit fishy to some. We happen to think Zombies are pretty cool, and the paranormal? Well even if you don't believe, it's certainly intriguing! Visit!

How about fishy as in seafood? Over 20,000 people per day search for the term in search engines. Apparently, there are lots of people who really like eating seafood, be in swordfish and tuna or crabs and lobster.

Fishy can certainly mean smelly and stinky. Walk into a particularly icky bathroom and you'll know what I mean. Ew. Fish can even be used to describe people. Yes, really. Ever heard the saying "there are plenty of other fish in sea?" It refers to the dating world, when your bastard of a boyfriend or self-centered girlfriend decides to break up with you, and a friend tries to make you feel better by letting you know there's plenty of other potential soulmates out there. Looking to date yourself? Check out - Everyone knows someone who met on Now itÕs your turn. Search Now!

Organization that like to promote self-esteem and positive body image in women seem to like the phrase "scales are for fish". Cute, huh? Looking to improve your own self esteem? offer a lot of great books on the topic, including Strong Self-Esteem: Like Yourself Now and Forever

Did you know you can contribute to your favorite cause through the "Mission Fish"?

And what could be more fishy than Funny Gag Gifts... a Toilet Monster you say? That sounds might fishy to me!
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