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Fishing is one of those favorite pastimes in the U.S. Lots of people love to fish. Going fishing dates back to the Mesolithic period -- about 10,000 years ago. There are all kinds of fishing techniques such as hand fishing, spear and bow fishing, using a fishing net, dredging, using a fishing pole and line, kite fishing, ice fishing, and using a trap. In this modern day, some people ven use fishfinders (or fish finders)!

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There is a lot of great information on fishing and fish finders to be had on the web...

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Fish The Island

Fish The Island® is the embodiment of all the thrills and excitement that are Long Island sportfishing.

Practice Good Stewardship of our Waterways:
You can help to take care of our lakes, rivers, and other waterways so that others may enjoy these areas for years to come by practicing some of the following actions:
  • Don't Litter... take along a trash bag or other receptacle for collecting your trash so that you can deposit it in the proper trash receptacle. Use proper dumping stations instead of tossing refuse into the water.
  • Make sure that you use the correct type of bait and fishing gear permitted in that area. There may also be limits on the number, size, and kind of fish that you can keep. Check with your destination ahead of time to see what the local regulations allow. If you use a boat or watercraft when fishing, check to see what kinds of watercraft are allowed at the body of water where you are going to fish.
  • Pay attention to local procedures and cautions for cleaning your watercraft after you leave the water so that you don't encourage the spread of npn-native species, such as the Zebra Mussel, to the next body of water you may visit with your boat.
  • Don't fish in areas where it is not permitted. These areas have been declared "off limits" to fishing to protect wildlife, vegetation, or for your safety.

Fish The Island

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Cyber Angler

A site by fishermen for fishermen -- articles, guides, reports, tournaments and more!

What is a Fish Finder?
A fishfinder (or fish finder) is a type of Fathometer or specialized type of echo sounding systems. The fish finder uses active sonar to detect fish and then displays them through a graphical interface on a screen, usually an LCD or CRT screen. In contrast, the modern fathometer is designed specifically to show depth, so may use only a digital display (useless for fish finding) instead of a graphical display, and frequently will have some means of making a permanent recording of soundings and are always primarily instruments of navigation and safety. The distinction is in their main purpose and hence in the features given the system. Both work the same way, and use similar frequencies, and, display type permitting, both can show fish and the bottom. Thus today, both have merged, especially with the advent of computer interfaced multipurpose fishfinders combining GPS technology, digital chart-plotting, perhaps Radar and electronic compass displays in the same affordable sporting unit.

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